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CABI Digital Library

Research and learning in agriculture, the environment and the applied life sciences

With more than 100 years of scientific research and application underpinning our work, CABI supports study, practice and professional development through our array of publishing products, research services and support tools.

Whether you're a researcher in need of cutting edge resources, a practitioner interested in training and professional development, or a farmer in need of practical advice, we can provide the know-how and turn evidence-based information into actionable advice for making critical decisions.

CABI Databases, including CAB Abstracts and Global Health, bring together millions of research records across agriculture, the environment, human health and the applied life sciences to support study, research and practical application around the world.

CABI Subject Collections bring together a wealth of bibliographic information, research articles and full text records to provide a focused approach to study and practice across a number of subject areas.

CABI Compendium brings together data and research across species, pests, and diseases into one comprehensive resource. CABI Compendium includes images, maps, and diagnostic and decision support tools such as The Horizon Scanning Tool, Pest Risk Analysis Tool, and a new addition - the Invasive Species Discovery Tool.

Our book publishing programme covers the life sciences and sustainable development, and CABI books provide key resources for study, practice and professional development.

CABI publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed articles in open access and subscription journals in the life sciences, supported by international and high-profile editorial boards.

CABI case studies offer real examples of experiences and expertise that provide support for study, research and practice.

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