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CABI Thesaurus

Your essential search tool for targeted research discovery

Unlock the power of your research

CABI Thesaurus is your essential search companion for CABI databases and resources.

With an extensive repository of half a million taxonomic and descriptive terms, CABI Thesaurus empowers researchers to build sophisticated searches, enabling exploration of diverse subjects or precision targeting of specific topics. Tailored for the applied life sciences, including agriculture, environment, animal and veterinary sciences, and human sciences, CABI Thesaurus is the key to enhancing the depth and efficiency of your research discovery.

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Use our CABI Thesaurus data

This data can also be made available in other formats to support different types of analysis and use. If you would like access to the data shown in the CABI Thesaurus in a different form, we would like to hear from you. Depending on your requirements and intended use, the data may be provided on request. Please contact us via the request form at the bottom of this page. 

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Use Cases

Senior and young scientist in greenhouse

Use Case: Leveraging CABI Thesaurus Translations

By utilizing domain-specific translations from the CABI Thesaurus you can enhance your projects. Our terms, embedded within a comprehensive hierarchy, ensure clarity and accurate application across languages.