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Juno Evidence Alliance

Transforming Agriculture through Evidence-based Policy

Welcome to the Juno Evidence Knowledge Bank

Our mission is to unite science and sustainable development, providing the essential guidance and standards needed to shape policies that ensure a resilient and thriving future. We will remove the barriers to generating and implementing evidence for decision-making in a way that builds capacity for a more inclusive and transparent system.

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What is the Juno Evidence Alliance?

Juno Evidence Alliance is a pioneering global platform at the forefront of transforming agriculture, food systems, and climate adaptation through evidence-based policy that combines the power of artificial and human intelligence to accelerate decision-making in agrifood systems and climate adaptation.

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Our Research and Tools

State of the field report (corn field)

State Of The Field Report

This “State of the Field” report provides an AI-driven mapping of major research trends and outcomes across agrifood systems.

Diagnose a pest problem

Evidence Synthesis Directory

Living inventory of recommended tools and other resources for producing evidence syntheses.



searchRxiv was created to support researchers to store and share their searches consistently, and to enable them to re-use existing searches.

Evidence Synthesis

Evidence syntheses combine information from multiple sources to provide an overall summary of the current knowledge. Juno evidence syntheses range from identifying global and regional research trends to mapping knowledge gaps and analysing effectiveness of interventions.

Our Funders, Partners and Founders


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